Magi-Fest 2016
Jan 28 - 31 2016, Columbus, Ohio

On behalf of the entire Magi-Fest team, we just wanted to offer you our most heartfelt thanks. We were overwhelmed by the camaraderie, kindness, and friendliness of our attendees. More than any other convention we know of, it feels like family. Thank you for being so receptive to the talent and staff, and we are so grateful to know you, and to have you as our guests. We're already beginning work for next year. Please mark your calendars. The dates are Jan 28 - 31 2016.

We are pleased to announce the 2015 Magi-Fest. Last year we heard the same phrase uttered at every turn: “How are you ever going to top this convention?” The answer: we just did! Read on for how to register for the convention event of the year, and a sneak peek at some of the talent.

The most important point: register early! We’re returning to the lovely Crowne Plaza again—it’s the ideal hotel for the Magi-Fest. But it is no longer large enough to fill our ever-growing Magi-Fest family. We have decided to CAP attendance this year, and this means those trying to register a month before the convention will likely discover it is already sold out. Registration is just $200 per person and can be refunded up until November 1 2014.

You have been wildly enthusiastic about our choice of offering long-form shows from some of magic’s brightest stars. So we will bring in one-man shows again for Thursday and Friday nights. There will be MORE dealers in 2015 than ever before at a Magi-Fest, several of them international dealers. And, we will expand our program of finding unique topics and talks in the 15-30 minute range, so you get a huge array of information in each session.

We’re also going to improve the visibility on the screens this year. We realize that there were issues with the monitors, and this will be fixed, allowing us to create the best Magi-Fest yet!

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Magi-Fest 2015 performers

Paul Daniels
Tom Stone
Charlie Frye and Company
The Evasons
Karl Hein
Christian Schenk
Andi Gladwin (Magi-Fest Chairman)
Joshua Jay (Magi-Fest Chairman)
Tim Moore (Magi-Fest Chairman)
Tom Craven
David Oliver
Silly Billy
Max Howard
Ardan James
John Bannon
Barrie Richardson
Matthew Wright
Gary Plants
Kostya Kimlat
Chris Mayhew
Gene Anderson
Michael Mode
Dani DaOrtiz

Magi-Fest Team
We have a fantastic team working alongside our organizers, Joshua Jay, Andi Gladwin & Tim Moore:

Steve Branham
Dealers Chairman
Jimmy C
Technical Director

America's largest dealers room

Part of what makes Magi-Fest great has always been the dealers room. With the help of Steve Branham, our experienced dealers chairman, we will be bringing you over thirty of the most interesting dealers from across the world, including:

  • Vanishing Inc. Magic
  • Pattrick’s Magical Surfaces
  • Andy Greget
  • Flip Disc Productions
  • Genii
  • Losander Inc
  • RFA Productions
  • Rings-N-Things
  • Daytona Magic
  • Deceptively Simple
  • Pro-Mystic
  • P3 Productions
  • Justin Miller
  • Joker Magic
  • Joe Mogar
  • Sorcerer’s Safari
  • Reel Magic
  • Schoolcraft Precision
  • JB Magic
  • House of Fakini
  • Magic Emporium
  • Potter & Potter
  • Sean Bogunia
  • H&R Books
  • Antony Gerard Magic
  • Tannens Magic
  • Haines House of Cards
  • H&R Magic Books
  • Subdivided Studios
  • Bob Little Magic
  • Card Shark
  • Big Blind Media
  • The Timid Rabbit
  • Abbott's Magic
  • Gary Plants
  • Benz Magical Productions
  • BJW Jewelers
  • Astor Magic
  • Paul Richards Magic
  • SEO Magic

Crowne Plaza, Columbus North

We have chosen the Crowne Plaza Columbus North, Ohio. It boasts 20,000 square foot of meeting space (and we’ll be taking it all!), has free Wifi and is just minutes away from Columbus, Ohio. You’ll recall that the Magi-Fest resided here during some of its most exciting, well-attended years.

Crowne Plaza Worthington, 6500 Doubletree Avenue Columbus, Ohio 43229

The Crown Plaza Columbus North is now sold out, but the great news is that we have secured the Ramada Columbus North (just 2 miles away) as the official overflow hotel. It's a really great hotel! They have given us a Magi-Fest only rate of $94.99 per night, and we will have free shuttle service to and from the Magi-Fest all day long. The hotel has free wifi, and is a big improvement on the overflow hotels offered last year.

But space is limited AGAIN. The hotel is not enormous, so book the Ramada right away. Be SURE to mention MAGIFEST as the code word when you call, so that you receive the special rate. Call 614-890-8111 for booking.

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