Jan 30 - Feb 1 2014 | Columbus, Ohio

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The Magi-Fest is Back!

An eighty-three-year-old tradition just can’t die. And, after much work, we’re pleased to say that the Magi-Fest is back! After a sellout year in 2013, we are back … bigger and better in 2014! Join us from January 30 – February 1, 2014 in Columbus, Ohio.

But along with tradition comes a healthy dose of new. The Magi-Fest has been completely re-imagined: more talks, shorter and stronger shows, more lectures, all events held in one location, a more focused (and bigger for 2014!) dealer room, and more interaction for everyone with featured artists. Organisers Joshua Jay, Andi Gladwin and Tim Moore have put together an exceptional team to help make the Magi-Fest better than ever.

The dates for the 2014 convention are January 30-February 1. So, please mark your calendars now. You can register for just $150.

The second big announcement is that we are moving BACK to the Crowne Plaza, Columbus North (Worthington). You’ll recall that the Magi-Fest resided here during some of its most exciting, well-attended years.

So why did we go back? Well, as everyone realized, we outgrew the lovely Crowne Plaza Dublin in just one short year. They had no solution for a larger dealer room, and nowhere near enough rooms for our attendees. We desperately needed a new home. When we looked at the options, it was clear that the old Crowne Plaza was best-equipped for a magic convention of our size and caliber. We’re delighted to go back.

And the hotel itself is better than ever. They just completed a five-million dollar renovation. You will see a much, much bigger and better lobby for jamming, improved facilities for the shows and lectures, and an upgrade on the quality and speed of the restaurant.

Tamariz, Giobbi and Weber workshop registration
Once you have registered for Magi-Fest, you may also optionally register for these workshops for $105 per workshop.

Single day tickets and gala show tickets
Just coming for a day? We have a few day tickets available here.

We also have a few gala show tickets available for people who aren’t attending the convention. Book early due to limited seating! Get your gala show tickets for just $20.

Under 18? Apply to our Magi-Fest Youth Scholarship for an opportunity to attend Magi-Fest 2014 for free.

NOTE: We have opted NOT to have contests this year. Instead, we will use this six hours of schedule time to pack in new, innovative talks and shows, and we think you’ll be pleased with the formatting changes. We will review the possible inclusion of competitions in future years.

Reserve your place: register now!

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