Guy Hollingworth workshop (3pm – 6pm Sun)

We are ECSTATIC that our 2019 Magi-Fest Guest of Honor Guy Hollingworth has agreed to conduct an EXCLUSIVE WORKSHOP immediately following the convention. This is your chance to study up-close with Guy Hollingworth and learn the intimate details of his most coveted magical secrets. The workshop is strictly limited in space and costs $100 per per person. The workshop will begin shortly after the Juan Tamariz workshop ends, at 3:00pm. The workshop will last 3 hours, and will cover both close-up material, and a question-and-answer period where you can ask Guy to share insights and secrets and tricks YOU wish to learn about.

Register for Hollingworth workshop ($100)

Juan Tamariz Workshop! (10am – 2pm Sun)
Magi-Fest 2019 is honored to welcome back inarguably one of the greatest magicians who has ever lived: Juan Tamariz. Juan graced our stage four years ago and blew the roof off with four standing ovations. Registrants have been asking to have “Maestro” back ever since. We’re so, so excited to welcome him back with an ALL NEW LECTURE, ALL NEW SHOW, AND ALL-NEW WORKSHOP. Study with Juan in an intimate environment for four hours! Seating is strictly limited and will sell out quickly.

This workshop is now sold out. We’ll release more spaces at the convention if cancellations come in.

Register for Tamariz workshop ($100)