Magi-Fest Youth Scholarship

Securing the future of magic with scholarships for young magicians.

Scholarships for magicians under the age of eighteen

We are pleased to bring back our Magi-Fest Youth Scholarship Program. The idea is simple: every young magician who wants to come to Magi-Fest should have the opportunity to come. And a lack of funds should never prevent anyone from enjoying this life-changing event. The Magi-Fest has changed the lives of so many people, and we’re eager for this convention to change the lives of the next generation of magic.

Our youth program is one of the brightest in magic, and we have a huge contingency of young, talented magicians that participate in our events, and in our special youth workshop.


How to apply for a scholarship

  • To qualify for the scholarship, every applicant must perform a show for charity and provide two forms of documentation of the show. The charity show must take place from July 1-November 30th, 2018. There must be no financial remuneration for the applicant. Accepted documentation includes a letter of appreciation on the charity organization’s letterhead, a press clipping about the event stating the date, name of performer, and name of charity. As a second form of documentation, you must provide photographic evidence captured during the show or immediately following. By submitting this documentation, applicants are also giving consent for these letters and photos to be projected during the convention and published on the Magi-Fest website. 
  • These recipients will receive a full scholarship for themselves and one parent (note: for legal reasons the guardian MUST be a relative) to attend the Magi-Fest for FREE.

  • Make sure to indicate if you have received the scholarship previously (this will not affect your chances at all) and whether you require further financial assistance for hotel. There is a limited fund that can help with accommodations on the basis of financial need.

  • You must be under eighteen on January 1st 2019 to apply. Closing date for applications is November 30th 2018.

Email us your application now

Check with your parents

Make sure that at least one parent can attend with you and that you are available during the dates.

Apply by email

Read the application process above and perform your show. Have questions? Get in touch!

Wait to hear!

We process applications late November and will let you know if you have been accepted!

Contribute to our youth scholarship

Our youth scholarship is jointly sponsored by Vanishing Inc. Magic and our attendees. If you feel as though you are able to help contribute, please email us.