Magi-Fest 2019 Schedule

As always, things are subject to change, but here’s our current working schedule.

Day 1
17 Jan 2019

Josh and Andi Keynote Welcome

Hear from our organizers about this year’s attendance, youth program, and listen as they unveil the surprises for the weekend.
Andi Gladwin
Joshua Jay

Howard Hamburg Lecture

Legendary Magic Castle superstar Howard Hamburg delivers a lecture unlike any you have experienced before. Equal parts wisdom, anecdotes, and diabolical card magic, Howard’s lectures are a collection of memories...
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Howard Hamburg

Alan Marchese Lecture

Argentina’s Alan Marchese is an extremely clever parlor magician. You’ll learn card, silk, and rope magic suitable for all sorts of venues. This is Alan’s Magi-Fest debut.

Youth Event

Young magicians! Joe Diamond will once again be on hand to introduce you to Magi-Fest, some of the stars, and to each other!

Six and a Half Magic Tricks at a Magic Convention

Six and a Half Magic Tricks in a Basement was an alt-comedy hit during its run in Brooklyn. Last year, we brought it to The Session in London, and it was...
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The Rubin

Blake Vogt Live

Black Vogt presents a special evening of performance, anecdotes, and magic. You’ll learn some visually astounding miracles, and see elements of his touring parlor show. Part show, part lecture, part...
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Blake Vogt
Day 2
18 Jan 2019

Tim Hannig Family Magic Show and Lecture

Tim Hannig is one of America’s finest family entertainers, and when we saw his lecture (on the business and theory of entertaining families) we were ASTOUNDED. If EVER there was...
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Jason Ladanye Show and Lecture

Virtuoso. Technician. Artist. These are some of the words critics have used to describe the magic of Jason Ladanye, who creates and performs original card magic. Jason will show us some...
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Adam Rubin Lecture

Adam Rubin is a New York Times bestselling children’s author, former advertising creative director and current Director of Puzzles & Games for Art of Play. Adam has created many fine...
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The Rubin

Guy Hollingworth Lecture

Our Guest of Honor takes the stage! Our lecturer defines a generation and style of magic, and we are thrilled to welcome him for his Magi-Fest debut. This Guy will...
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Young Magicians Hangout

Join Joe Diamond and friends for an informal session for young magicians.

Juan Tamariz Juan-Man Show

“Maestro” takes the stage for his encore Magi-Fest performance. Perhaps the greatest magician in the world, direct from Spain, to perform this combination of Juan-classics and new material we’ve not...
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Juan Tamariz

Nick Diffate One Man Show

Every year we like to bring on new talent that most have not seen or even heard before, and they often steal the show. We predict Nick Diffate is this...
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Nick Diffatte
Day 3
19 Jan 2019

Surprise Event

We’re saying nothing … but we hear Harison Greenbaum is involved.

Saturday Session

Experience short, focused talks from a variety of magicians and specialists, including an in-depth interview with Auschwitz Holocaust Survivor Werner Reich, who discovered magic will imprisoned in a concentration camp.
Werner Reich

Yann Frisch Lecture

FISM World Champion Yann Frisch, from France, makes his Magi-Fest debut and will lecture on stagecraft.
Yann Frisch

Juan Tamariz Lecture

Hear Juan deliver a new lecture themed around “The Five Points in Magic,” his seminal theory and book.
Juan Tamariz

Young Magicians Hangout

Join Joe Diamond and friends for an informal session for young magicians.

Gala Show

You’ll see an OUTSTANDING new stage act, Yann Frisch’s FISM act, and surprises along the way.
Yann Frisch
Day 4
20 Jan 2019

Juan Tamariz Workshop

A pay-extra workshop with this genius of magic. All registrations must be made in advance, on our workshops page.
Juan Tamariz

Guy Hollingworth Workshop

A pay-extra workshop with the wonderful Guy Hollingworth. All registrations must be made in advance, on our workshops page.