Magi-Fest 2018 Schedule

Day 1
25 Jan 2018

Dealers Open

This is the grand opening of our Dealer’s Hall, and on Thursday night we offer special deals and a contest for over $1000 worth of magic.

Caleb Wiles Lecture

We’re pleased to welcome Caleb to the Magi-Fest for the first time. He specializes in high-impact card magic that is easy to do, and he’ll kick off our convention with a brand-new Thursday Night Lecture.
Caleb Wiles

Mark Shortland Show

Mark is a headline magician who has performed on the biggest stages in Europe, and is a top headliner on the world’s most luxurious cruise-ship lines. Mark rarely works in the US and we’re honored to have him on our stage. 
Mark Shortland

Two Short Talks

We’ll hear from two inspirational magicians!  Sam Sandler will tell us the amazing, true story of how he woke up one morning to find that he was deaf, and how he has overcome this obstacle to tour the country doing magic professionally. And Ice McDonald makes a return to the Magi-Fest stage for an illuminating talk.
Sam Sandler
“Ice” McDonald

Jack Carpenter Lecture

Jack Carpenter is an underground legend and one of the finest technicians in magic. His coin and card handling will dazzle you, and we’re thrilled for him to make his Magi-Fest debut.
Day 2
26 Jan 2018

Friday Session

Doug Isenberg: Doug is an internationally recognized lawyer, and he will discuss intellectual property as it applies to magic. The Memory Arts: Sarah and David Trustman will show us how to vastly improve our memories, and specifically how to memorize a deck of cards. Rick Smith Jr.: A Guinness World Record Holder for card throwing, and the undisputed world expert on the subject. He’ll speak to us about his storied career throwing cards, and give us an onstage demonstration. The Hope of Magic: Last year there wasn’t a dry eye in the house when a group of students presented some magic in the face of adversity. Onstage, we promised to gift them with some new magic props if they would come back to perform for us. We can’t wait to see what they do!
Rick Smith Jr.
Sarah and David Trustman
Doug Isenberg

Dealers Open

Closed for lunch between 1pm – 2.30pm

Woody Aragon Lecture

There is only one Woody. If you have never seen Woody Aragon before, you will be astounded by his original approach to close-up magic.
Woody Aragon

Magic in the Marketplace Talk

Why is there so much bad magic? How many magic tricks are sold around the world? Is the internet good or bad for magic? This unusual panel discussion will feature several luminaries in the magic retail world, in a frank discussion about the innovations, problems, and solutions that are worth discussing when it comes to making magic better.

Shawn Farquhar Lecture

He won FISM. He won IBM. He won SAM. He tours the world more than perhaps any magician on the scene today. Come see why Shawn Farquhar is one of the most acclaimed magicians on Earth.
Shawn Farquhar

Max Maven Show

It’s rare to see a living legend live onstage, and we’re beyond honored to welcome the inimitable Max Maven to our gathering. Max will astound with the mentalism that has taken him to stages all over the world.
Max Maven

Ben Seidman Show

Ben Seidman is an amazing artist: funny, technically brilliant, and a wonderful storyteller. See why he has won College Entertainer of the Year in this exciting, hilarious show.

Keiron Lefevor: The Surprise Show

It isn’t magic, but it’s amazing! Keiron is the world’s leading regurgitator, and Josh and Andi will host him in this zany, over-the-top event. (Not suitable for young children)
Kieron Johnson

Card Throwing Contest

Want to throw cards at targets? Want to win amazing magic? Want to learn card scaling from the undisputed best card thrower in history? Want to learn how to defend yourself and torment your enemies with playing cards? Then don’t miss this late-night contest, in which we’ll crown a Magi-Fest card throwing champion!
Rick Smith Jr.
Day 3
27 Jan 2018

Kids Show Magic with Mario Marchese

We say this every year, and we’ll say it again. Do not miss this unique event. We invite 200 young children to attend a magic show by the incredible Mario Marchese, who has appeared on numerous times on national television. Immediately following his innovative kids show, the kids are dismissed and Mario will speak to you about his unique approach to kids magic, which includes electronic magic the likes of which nobody has ever seen!

Dealers Open

Closed for lunch 1pm – 2.30pm

Saturday Session

Josh Janousky: Josh will perform several of his latest inventions, which you may have seen going viral on the net! Timothy Paul: A wildly original close-up magician, Timothy will surprise you with two unpublished card routines, and then explain how they work. Allan Kronzek: To celebrate the release of his book, Allan will present two never-before-seen card effects. Ben Seidman: One of the country’s leading traveling performers gives us his take on some brilliant close-up magic.
“Ice” McDonald
Josh Janousky

Keiron Lefevor Lecture

In addition to being a world-famous regurgitator, Keiron has invented some wildly original magic, and he will speak to us about this in his exciting lecture.
Kieron Johnson

Max Maven Lecture and Interview

This is your chance to get to know Max Maven, and learn mentalism from one of the most knowledgeable and experienced minds in our field.
Max Maven

Mark Shortland Lecture

Mark has an endearing, engaging style, and his parlor material is as amazing as it is hilarious. He created the bestselling trick of 2016, “AmazeBox,” but he has a great deal more to share in this lecture.
Mark Shortland

Gala Show

This year we have an absolutely sensational surprise guest on our gala show. Do not miss it. REPEAT: do NOT miss it.

As always, things are subject to change, but here’s our current working schedule.