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How to apply for a scholarship

Joe Diamond here! I’ve gotten some messages from a few of you interested in the scholarship asking how to find a charity to perform for. I figured I’d write up a few ideas that you can try right away.
You can start by asking your school, church, or community center about any charity events coming up. Thanksgiving is happening in November, so there is usually a food drive of some kind happening.
You can also look in the local newspaper. Print isn’t dead yet. Usually, you can find information for local charity events in the newspaper, or community events listings online. This might take a few calls to get in contact with the right person.
Once you find out the phone number or email of the person putting together an event, you have to contact them. A sample script might be something like this,
“Hello, my name is Joe Diamond, I’m 14 years old, and have been practising magic for the last 7 years. I would like to offer your charity event a FREE magic show for your guests! I’m looking for experience in front of an audience, and would like to give back to the community.”
Be sure to be nice, and positive, even if they say no. You may have to reach out to more than one. They might already have entertainment donated, or maybe they think magic is against their religion. Don’t take it personally. They are in the minority. Just reach out to another charity event. Don’t get discouraged. Once a charity agrees, ask them:
“All I ask is that you write me a letter of appreciation and take some photos/video to apply for a scholarship to attend Magi-Fest, a prestigious gathering of magicians from all over the world, that takes place in Columbus, Ohio. You can find out more at or
Good luck! If you have any questions, feel free to message me at